In the tourist city of Hurghada, there are many places to spend fun times. You can take a walk in front of the beach or spend an enjoyable time in the sunset in the desert. The tourist city of Hurghada in the Red Sea in Egypt is one of the best places to visit in the fall or winter, due to the high temperature in these two seasons each year.

There in Hurghada, you will really enjoy the beaches and tourist resorts, as well as the offshore islands such as the Abu Giftun Islands, which includes the Orange Islands, or as it is called the Maldives of Egypt. You can also enjoy visiting tourist attractions such as Wadi Hammamat, Monastery of Anba Antonios and the National Institute of Marine Sciences, which includes a group of fish Mummified and chronicles its history.

But have you ever heard about the Sand Museum located there? .., dear reader, takes you on a tour to learn more about this special place in Hurghada, according to the tourism importance of this unique museum in Egypt and the Middle East, as it is the only first of its kind.

The Sand City Hurghada Museum is located south of Hurghada in the Red Sea Governorate.

Museum idea

Some sculptors from all over the world carved statues in the sand in a certain way so that they can withstand wind and rain throughout the year.


The museum is one of Egypt's famous landmarks, the first of its kind in North Africa and the Middle East, and the first in the world in which statues were carved with two types of sand, yellow and white.

What does it contain?

The open-air museum is the only one in Africa and the Middle East, and is made up of two different concepts. The first is the legendary art, consisting of 12 pieces of 3D figurines and 18 wall sculptures, the legends, famous military leaders and characters represent one of the romantic characters who changed the world, the gods... The second part is the art of wonders, consisting of 23 pieces of 3D sculptures of animated characters From Walt Disney and 10pcs wall figurines (Tales

Things to do in the museum

Inside the museum there are restaurants, rest areas for visitors and children's play areas.

You can wander around the museum to learn about its various sculptures.

Children can see the cartoon of the famous Walt Disney characters, SpongeBob, and Tom and Jerry, and can take some souvenir photos with all the statues in the museum, whether they are historical or cartoon characters.

Museum dates

Daily from 8 am to 6 pm.

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