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How Jukadi.com Works

1. Introduction

jukadi International Limited. ("Jukadi.com") operates as a platform facilitating the booking of Experiences. While Jukadi.com provides the platform, it does not directly offer the Experiences. Jukadi.com is incorporated under the laws of London, United Kingdom, with its business address at 71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom. Some terms used in this document have specific meanings defined in the Jukadi.com Terms of Use.

2. What Does Jukadi.com Do?

Jukadi.com serves as a platform for discovering and booking Experiences. When you make a booking through our platform, you enter into a contract with the Supplier, who is responsible for providing the Experience. Before being listed, Suppliers enter into a contract with Jukadi.com, allowing Jukadi.com to promote and make their Experiences available for booking. To be listed and remain listed on the platform, Experiences must meet Jukadi.com's Acceptance Criteria and Quality Standards. Jukadi.com may charge a non-refundable fee to review new Experiences submitted by Suppliers. The Experiences displayed on the platform do not represent all available experiences, whether online or offline.

3. How Does Jukadi.com Make Money?

Jukadi.com does not sell Experiences, nor does it own any of the businesses listed on the platform. Instead, Jukadi.com earns a commission from Suppliers when you book an Experience through the platform.

4. Our Approach to Searching, Sorting, Ranking, and Recommending?

We use various Systems on the platform to rank and recommend Experiences, allowing you to search, sort, and find Experiences that match your interests. These Systems help us present information on the platform to facilitate your discovery of Experiences we believe you'll enjoy.

Search List Pages

You can search for Experiences on our platform based on various criteria, such as geographical location. The search results are presented based on your input and may also consider factors like your past searches, navigation history, and preferences. Listings may initially appear in a default order labeled "Featured," sorted using a System that considers factors such as relevance, quality, reviews, ratings, popularity, availability, pricing, bookings made through Jukadi.com, and payments made to Jukadi.com by Suppliers. You can personalize your search results by sorting them in different ways:

Traveler Rating: Experiences are ranked based on popularity using overall ratings from reviews on both Jukadi.com and Tripadvisor.

Price: Experiences can be listed by lowest or highest price first.

Duration: Experiences can be ordered based on their duration, either longest or shortest first.

New on Jukadi.com: Experiences are ranked by the date they were activated on the Jukadi.com site, with the newest displayed first.

You can also narrow down your search results using various filters, including:

Category: Choose from options like bus tours, water tours, museum tickets, and more.

Theme: Select Experiences falling within broad themes such as Food & Drink, Outdoor Activities, or Art & Culture.

Time: Filter Experiences based on whether they take place in the morning, afternoon, or at night.

Price: Set a price range to see Experiences within your budget. You can also filter by Deals & Discounts to find special offers.

Free Cancellation: View only Experiences that offer free cancellation up to 24 hours before the start time.

If you see Experiences labeled "Promoted," please refer to the "Experience Shelves" section below.

Experience Shelves

Experiences are presented in various ways on the platform, including on horizontal shelves. The wording at the top of the shelf indicates the primary basis on which Experiences are shown. For example, "Recently Viewed." If a shelf is based on your browsing history, we'll order the relevant Experiences using factors listed in the 'Search List Pages' section.

If you see Experiences labeled "Promoted" on the platform, it means the Supplier has agreed to pay Jukadi.com a higher commission for enhanced visibility and additional ad impressions. These Experiences are displayed because they are relevant to the page you are viewing.

5. Reviews

You can submit a review or rating of an Experience to Jukadi.com only if you made the booking through our platform. Each review goes through an automated tracking system, and if the system detects any discrepancies, the review may be rejected, sent to the reviewer for validation, or manually reviewed by our content specialists. Reviews usually take 24–48 hours to appear on our site. After publication, our team checks each review reported as not meeting our publication criteria.

Reviews written in exchange for personal benefits such as gifts, services, or money will be removed. Suppliers are not allowed to offer incentives for reviews. Once submitted, a review cannot be modified, and it will remain published on our site indefinitely. Your review may also appear on our partner sites and/or in promotional materials.

6. Prices and Payments

When you make a Booking, you will pay the total price of the Experience, including any taxes and fees. Suppliers must provide clear information about any additional fees for optional extras or mandatory fees payable to a third party.

7. If Things Don't Go as Planned.

If you encounter any issues with an Experience you booked through Jukadi.com, we provide customer support to help resolve disputes between you and the Supplier. However, Jukadi.com does not offer guarantees or warranties for any Experience or Supplier.

For more information, please refer to our Terms of Use. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please contact us.