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Introduction Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time and apply directly or indirectly (through distributors) to all our services available on the Internet, through any mobile device, by email and by phone. By accessing, browsing and using our website (mobile site) or any of our applications through any platform (together referred to as the “Platform”), and/or by completing a reservation, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out below (Including the privacy statement (

this is the pages, their content, their infrastructure, and the online booking service (including the payment service facilitation) provided through and through the Website are owned, operated, and provided by the Website.www.jukadi.com is provided for your personal, non-commercial use only, and is subject to the terms and conditions listed below. The relationship we have with providers of services, activities and trips is subject to separate terms and conditions that govern the business (B2B) relationship we have with each of the trip providers. Every service, activities and trip provider strives to work professionally with jukadi.com when offering their products or services through our jukadi.com website whether their product or service is provided to a business (“B2B”) and/or a consumer (“B2C”). ). Please note that providers of services, activities and trips may have announced an application and/or request (acceptance) - in addition to the detailed policies and conditions as set out on the site, their own terms (delivery/shipping/transportation/use) and internal rules for trip use and access to and complete them (which may include a disclaimer or limitation of certain responsibilities.

Scope and nature of our service

Through the platform, we (jukadi.com and its affiliate partners (distributors) provide an online platform that enables providers of tours, activities and accommodations of hotels, resorts, apartments, villas, etc. to advertise, market, sell, promote, book and/or provide products and services (as appropriate) to order, buy and book and rental, through which the relevant visitors of the Platform can discover, search, compare, place an order, book, purchase or pay (ie the flight service). When you use or benefit from the Trip Service (for example: when you book a trip through the Trip Service), you enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with the Trip Provider, companies or suppliers contracted with us, in which you book or purchase a product or service (as appropriate). From the point at which you make your flight reservation, we act only as an intermediary between you and the Service Provider (the Supplier). We send the relevant details of your Trip Reservation to the relevant Jukadi.com Trip Provider or supplier (Tour Providers, Related Companies and Suppliers), and send you a confirmation email or SMS on behalf of the Trip Provider or Service Provider (Supplier). jukadi.com does not sell (resell), rent, or offer any product or service (travel) on its jukadi.com website or to any other company.

We provide you with the following terms and conditions and our booking policy on our websitewww.jukadi.com

Which should be read carefully before you make your reservation with us either through the online reservation system atjukadi.com, API Link, traditional manual booking methods or all the above. BECAUSE YOU WILL BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY; It sets out our relevant rights and obligations and explains how best to obtain our services and how to make various reservations.

The jukadi.com website is managed by JUKADI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, a British company whose address is: (71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ).

Company number 15490740

, giving you the opportunity to use the jukadi.com website through the electronic reservation system on our electronic platform jukadi.com acts as an agent for contracted suppliers (for example: accommodation providers, hotels, tour operators, car rental companies, transport companies, guide companies Tourist) who you book with. Accordingly, each supplier's own terms and conditions will apply to your booking, and a copy of these terms and conditions will be provided upon request.

Please refer to the sections on these terms and conditions that are relevant to you and the way you access the Website jukadi.com.

Company maintains jukadi.com reserves the right to change or update these terms and conditions without prior notice. This will not affect bookings made unless indicated (eg changes to government taxes or the like). The latest version will always be available on the jukadi.com online reservation system and by accessing the site and accessing our services in any way, you agree to the latest available version of the Terms and Conditions. Those who cannot access the jukadi.com online reservation system will be notified.

Please note that in all cases the guest/passenger submitting a reservation request on our Platform must be 18 years of age or older at the time the reservation request is submitted. The booking requester contracts with the supplier and is responsible for the correctness of the information provided to the agent about his other travelers/guests, including the correct pronunciation of names and titles, age, passport, and visa information, and ensuring that comprehensive and valid travel insurance is available for all individuals traveling.

Evacuation responsibilaty

The information on this website or the software, products or services it offers may be inaccurate or include some typographical errors. So do not offer a companyjukadi.com Limited Liability makes no warranties about the accuracy of such information and assumes no liability for any errors in the information or data of hotels, resorts, airlines, villas, cars, activities, flights, trips, property tenants, airport transfer details and other travel services offered by this website (including (including but not limited to photos, lists of hotel facilities, general specifications of services, activities, etc.), as most of this information is provided by suppliers. Any ratings displayed by the site of hotels, resorts or villas are general guidelines only and jukadi.com does not guarantee the accuracy of such ratings. The information on the site is subject to change periodically. jukadi.com and/or its suppliers may make improvements or changes to this site at any time.

Do not offer companyjukadi.com and/or its suppliers make no representations about the suitability of the information, software, products, and services contained on the website for any purpose, and the inclusion or offering for sale of any products or services on this website is not an endorsement or recommendation by jukadi.com on those services and products. jukadi.com will use the necessary care and effort to implement the services included in the site. Jukadi.com and/or its suppliers hereby disclaim all warranties, terms and conditions relating to the information, software, products, and services, including all implied warranties and conditions of their quality, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement. Transport companies, tourist resorts, hotels and accommodation services, tour operators, car rental companies, tourism companies and other suppliers that provide tourism or other services are independent contractors and are not agents or employees of jukadi.com, and jukadi.com shall not be liable for any action on the part of the Supplier or for any errors, otherwise, warranty, guarantee, breach, negligence or liability for any bodily injury, death, property damage, damages or expenses arising from the foregoing. The company is not obligated and will not refund any amounts in the event of delay, cancellation of reservation, overbooking, strikes, force majeure, or any other reasons beyond its control, and it will not bear any additional expenses or liability for default, delay, change of destination, or any actions from By any government or government agency. JUKADI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED The Company or any of its suppliers shall be liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive, special or consequential damages arising in connection with the use of, delay in using or inability to use this site, or liability to obtain any information, software or products or services through this site (including, without limitation, inability to use, loss of profits, loss of data, availability or opportunity), whether arising from breach of contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise,


Prices for services booked on the website jukadi.com, must be paid to jukadi.com, which receives such payments on behalf of suppliers contracted with the company and who display their services and activities on our jukadi.com website. Payment may also be requested by more than one party (as will be shown on the bank or credit card statement customer), but the total amount requested will not exceed the total price of all services.

The customer must provide his payment card details, and often the company will have tojukadi.com or the supplier to verify: (a) the validity of the payment card (by requesting a nominal value payment to be refunded within a few days or deducted from the final amount paid to the supplier), and (b) the availability of funds on the payment card (confirms that bank that issued the customer's credit card).

Credit card or bank transfer!

Where the option is available and applicable, specific tour providers, companies or suppliers contracted with us offer the opportunity to pay the reservations for activities, trips and services provided on the website (in whole or in part and as specified in accordance with the payment policy of the service provider) to the provider during the reservation process via payment methods Safe online (and all as provided and supported by your bank). get up jukadi.com may process payments for certain services and products (through third party payment processors) (that is, a payment processing service) at the option of the Trip Provider or Supplier (in no case will jukadi.com act as a merchant of record at all). The payment will be processed securely from your credit or debit card to the Service Provider account that you booked on our website www.jukadi.com via a third-party payment processor. Any payment dealt with in favor of the Service Provider (Supplier) in this way represents, in each case, a payment for the reservation value (or part of the value) by you for the service or product specified in the final payment (payment release) for such prices (or part of them) which are payable, and you are not entitled to a refund of such payments.

For certain (non-refundable) rates or special offers, please note that payment to providers may be required by bank transfer (if applicable) or by your credit card, so you may be pre-authorized or charged (sometimes non-refundable) When making a flight or service reservation on our websitejukadi.com. Please check the (reservation) details of your selected product or service in detail for any such conditions before making your flight reservation. You cannot hold jukadi.com responsible for any (authorized, (alleged) unauthorized or erroneous) charge by the Trip Provider or Service Provider (Supplier) nor can any value of any valid and authorized charge be charged from jukadi.com The Trip Provider or Service Provider (Vendor) (including prepaid fares, no-shows and cost-effective cancellations) will charge your credit card.

In the event of fraud or unauthorized use of your credit card by third parties, most banks and credit card companies will take the risk and cover all costs resulting from such fraud or misuse. Sometimes this may be subject to a fee (mostly $20 or the equivalent in your local currency). If your bank or credit card company deducts your payment due to an unauthorized transaction resulting from a reservation made on our platform, we will pay the amount due to you provided that the total amount does not exceed $20 (or the equivalent in your local currency). For us to be able to compensate you, please be sure to report this fraud by notifying your credit card provider (in accordance with their reporting rules and conditions) and then please contact us immediately. Please provide us with proof of the amount charged (e.g. credit card provider policy). jukadi.com secure and unauthorized use of your credit card is the result of our negligence or no fault of yours when using our secure servers.

Prepayment, Cancellation, No Show, Detailed Terms

When making a service reservation (trip - booking a hotel room - renting a car - booking an apartment or villa accommodation - etc.) on our websitejukadi.com by means of a Trip Provider, Service or any activity listed on our Site, you accept and agree to the relevant cancellation and no-show policy of such Provider (Supplier), and any additional (delivery) terms and conditions of that Provider (Supplier) that may apply on your reservation or during your trip (including the detailed terms of the service provider (the supplier) which are provided on the Platform as well as the internal rules of the provider), including the services and/or products offered by the Trip Provider or the accommodation providers of hotels and apartments villas etc. The terms and conditions of delivery/purchase/use/carrying of the Trip or Service Provider can be obtained from the relevant Provider (Supplier). The general cancellation and no-show policy for each Provider is made available on our website on pages containing the Trip Provider information, activity or service, during the booking procedure process and in the booking confirmation electronic card or message. Please note that certain rates, fees, and special offers are not eligible for cancellation, refund or change. The provider of tours, services or suppliers generally contracted with us may deduct the applicable city/tourism taxes in the event of a non-free cancellation or no-show. Please check the (reservation) information of the product or service carefully for any such condition before beginning to make your reservation. Please note that a flight reservation that requires a deposit or payment (in whole or in part) may be canceled (without specific prior notice or warning) to the extent that the relevant (remaining) amount(s) cannot be fully collected on the relevant payment date in accordance with the relevant payment policy By the provider of the flight or service and reservation. Prepayment and cancellation policies may vary per item, product or service for each flight. Please read the detailed terms (under Trip Types or at the bottom of each Provider page on our Platform) as well as the important information on your booking confirmation for information about additional policies that may be applied by the Tour Provider, services or accommodation providers of hotels, apartments and villas (eg: regarding age requirements and security deposit, non-refundable policies/additional charges for group reservations, extra beds/no free breakfast, pets/card types accepted). Late payment, wrong bank, credit or debit card details, invalid credit/debit cards or insufficient funds are at your own risk, and you may not be entitled to a refund or any prepayment (non-refundable) unless approved or permitted by the Provider under the Payment Policy (Advance) and cancellation. regarding age requirements and security deposit, non-refundable policies/additional charges for group reservations, extra beds/no free breakfast, pets/card types accepted). Late payment, wrong bank, credit or debit card details, invalid credit/debit cards or insufficient funds are at your own risk, and you may not be entitled to a refund or any prepayment (non-refundable) unless approved or permitted by the Provider under the Payment Policy (Advance) and cancellation. regarding age requirements and security deposit, non-refundable policies/additional charges for group reservations, extra beds/no free breakfast, pets/card types accepted). Late payment, wrong bank, credit or debit card details, invalid credit/debit cards or insufficient funds are at your own risk, and you may not be entitled to a refund or any prepayment (non-refundable) unless approved or permitted by the Provider under the Payment Policy (Advance) and cancellation.

If you would like to view, amend, or cancel your flight reservation, activity, accommodation or any service listed on our websitejukadi.com, please refer to your booking confirmation email and follow the instructions on it. Please note that you may pay for the cancellation in accordance with the flight provider's cancellation, (prepayment) and no-show policy or are not subject to any payment of any amount already paid (in advance). We recommend that you read the cancellation, (pre)payment and no-show policy related to the accommodation carefully before making a reservation and remember to check upcoming payments on time as required for the relevant reservation.

If you experience a late or delayed arrival on the check-in date or guests arriving the next day, make sure to inform the flight provider (in time / promptly) so that they can know your expected time of arrival to avoid canceling (reserving) your flight or paying non-payment fees Attendees. Our Customer Service department is happy to assist if required by informing the provider. does not acceptjukadi.com has no liability or responsibility for the consequences of postponing your arrival or any fees associated with cancellation or no-shows to be deducted by the flight provider.


You agree to insure the companyjukadi.com and its affiliates, suppliers, officers, directors, employees and agents against all claims, causes of action, claims, recoveries, losses, damages, fines, penalties and other costs and expenses of any kind or nature including but not limited to Limiting reasonable accounting and legal fees claimed by third parties as a result of:

a) your violation of the terms and conditions of this website or the notices or documents referred to in it,

b) your violation of any law or the rights of others,

c) Your use of this website. No illegal or prohibited use of this website is permitted.

To use this website, you undertake tojukadi.com limited liability not to use this website for any other purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms, conditions and notices.

Hyperlinks to third party websites

This website may contain hyperlinks to other websites operated by parties other thanjukadi.com These links are provided for your reference only, jukadi.com does not control these sites and is not responsible for their content or use. Jukadi.com use of those links to other websites is in no way an endorsement or endorsement of the materials contained in those websites or construed as affiliated with the companies they operate.


Do not offer companyjukadi.com limited liability any insurance for travelers against any material losses or health insurance during trips, accommodation, travel or use of any service we offer on the website now or later offered by the site, and travelers are advised to obtain their own health insurance while traveling, as they must Each traveler is required to obtain appropriate insurance coverage that covers any unexpected cancellation fees or medical costs incurred by the traveler while traveling away from home (subject to approval), personal liability claims, loss of money and more. We recommend that you purchase an insurance policy when booking your cruise to obtain insurance coverage against any potential cancellation costs.

Passports and visas

All travelers must have a valid and valid passport and people traveling on a family passport must travel with the passport holder. Before traveling, review the visa requirements at the consulate office of your tourist destination within your country or through official websites.

In the event of a delay in your booking request, please ensure that you have sufficient time to obtain the necessary visas if required. You must make sure that you have a valid and valid passport and visa in time, and no company will bear the responsibility ofjukadi.com or any of its suppliers accept no liability for your failure to travel because of your failure to comply with any passport, visa or immigration requirements.


All prices are subject to availability and final confirmation from the supplier. You can find more information about the price policy in their booking conditions. We also reserve the right to amend the prices of any tours, activities, accommodations, or other services offered on our website. You will be notified of the current prices for tourist trips and all activities and services that you wish to book before confirming the contract concluded through us between you and the suppliers contracting with us. perfect.

In the event that we do not receive the full amount on time, we may consider the reservation canceled by the customer and in this case we will keep the reservation deposit or any advance payments according to the cancellation fees due to us, and some hotels may impose different payment schedules on specific dates and may not notify us This is only after confirming your reservation, and if this applies to your reservation, we will inform you as soon as the hotel notifies us of this requirement..

The prices of resorts, hotels, villas, excursions, all activities, tailor-made services, and tour guide programs may vary in line with the fluctuations of exchange rates in the market, bearing in mind that the prices listed on our website are for guidance and direction only, and for the latest prices, please log on towww.jukadi.com

Online booking confirmation

All tour packages and all services, activities and accommodations included in this website are subject to availability, especially after you have made an online reservation, it is highly unlikely that your reservation will be unavailable, but due to the occasional possibility of this happening, we reserve the right to cancel your online reservation within 24 hours and refund any money you have paid in full. We strongly advise you to wait for an email from us to confirm your reservation before you book your flight tickets. You will receive an email or message SMS to your mobile phone registered in our records on the system within 24 hours of submitting your reservation request. We will not receive any payment from you until your reservation is confirmed. If the reservation is rejected by the supplier contracting with us, you will have the right to refund the full amount to your bank account within a maximum of 15 working days or add the full amount to your wallet account in your account on our jukadi.com website to be used in other bookings.

Optional excursions and tours

Any excursions, optional tours, car rentals and other similar services that are not included in pre-paid and booked itineraries, are at the sole risk of customers. And do not bear the companyjukadi.com has no legal liability for trips, tours, car rentals and other services and activities booked locally with any jukadi.com local partner, handling companies or service representatives.

Flight times and adjustment of tourist trips

All flight times are tentative and subject to change. However, you will be notified in advance of any material changes in accordance with the terms of your supplier's reservation. Sometimes your supplier may find it necessary to change your itinerary, either in terms of accommodation, service or date. In the event of a change, your supplier will have clear instructions on their booking conditions.


If you have to cancel or change your tourist trip, please contact the companyjukadi.com Limited Liability immediately, where we require the reservation requester to provide written confirmation of cancellation/change of the reservation. Cancellation/change fees apply and increase as the cancellation/change date approaches the departure date up to 100%. The terms of your supplier's reservation will address the applicable cancellation/change fee rate. We will confirm the applicable fee rate upon receipt of written instructions from you to cancel or change the flight. In all cases of cancellation, the cancellation rules of our suppliers in addition to the administrative fees of jukadi.com shall apply. For refunds to bank/credit cards an additional fee of up to 3% may apply to cover the fees we have incurred from the credit card companies.

You can find more information about the supplier's cancellation fees on the page for each resort, hotel, villa, activity and service provided on our website.jukadi.com, although it varies from place to place.

Refunds are always issued in the currency in which the reservation was paid. As stated on the check-out page when making the reservation and the confirmation email, "Your local currency rates are indicative only and are based on the current exchange rate. Actual rates are shown in USD, which is the currency of the reservation agreement." The refund amount depends on the exchange rate. When we refund you, the amount you get reflects the exchange rate on the day we issue the refund and not the currency rate at the time of the original booking. Exchange rates are constantly changing, so the amount you will get as a refund will not match what was paid.

We also reserve the right to cancel your reservation if we do not receive the total amount in the required time.

Software available on this website

Company maintains jukadi.com and its suppliers have rights to any software available for downloading from this website, and use of such software is subject to the terms of the end user license agreement (if any) that accompanies or is included with the software (hereinafter referred to as “License Agreement”). You are prohibited from installing, copying, or using any software that accompanies or is included in this License Agreement without first agreeing to the terms of the License Agreement.

With respect to any software that is not accompanied by a license agreement,jukadi.com Limited Liability hereby grants the user a personal and valid license to use it for the purpose of displaying and using this website in light of these terms and conditions and not for any other purposes, and your installation, copying or use of the software constitutes your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of this license.

Please note that all software, including, but not limited to, all software usingThe HTML, Active X controls and other software contained in this website are owned by jukadi.com and its suppliers and are subject to copyright protection laws and international treaty provisions. You may only reproduce the Software for backup or archival purposes. Re-copying or redistributing the Software is expressly prohibited by law, and any violation of this may result in the application of the most severe criminal and civil penalties. Violators will be prosecuted and fully prosecuted possible. You may not reverse engineer (discover the technical principles of a system by analyzing its structure, function, and method of operation) or disassemble or decrypt the Software except as expressly permitted by law and without prejudice to this limit.

You acknowledge that the Software and any accompanying documentation or technical information are subject to the export control laws and regulations of England and Wales. You also agree not to export or re-export the Software, directly or indirectly, to any countries subject to export restrictions from England and Wales.

travel destinations.

Although most tourist trips, including travel to international destinations, are carried out without any incidents, travel to some destinations may involve some risks. So ur companyjukadi.com Limited liability travelers to review any travel warnings or alerts issued by the travel advisory section of the foreign affairs office of your current country of residence before booking tours or any activity you want to undertake to international destinations. Information on the situation of different countries and the level of risk associated with a tourist trip to some international destinations can be obtained from the website of your country's foreign affairs office. Travelers can also obtain health advice from the website of the Ministry of Health of your country as well. To obtain a health advice regarding your tourist trip, please contact your doctor or the Ministry of Health. In addition, jukadi travel offers.

Medical advice and vaccination

Please ask your doctor's advice on specific information related to your trip.

Hotel / resort / properties services

The customer acknowledges that each hotel/resort/villa is directly responsible for the availability of the services and features listed in connection with it and accordingly Limited Company is notjukadi.com has limited liability for the unavailability of these services or features to him during his stay at the hotel/resort/villa, nor does it bear any legal responsibility in relation to the hotel/resort/villa descriptions, and therefore if one of the services or features is of particular importance to You should check with jukadi.com or the hotel/resort/villa/supplier directly to inquire whether or not this service or feature will be available to you during your stay; Some of these services may not be available for all room types, for example, swimming pools, beaches and air conditioning may only be available in certain seasons of the year and not others, so you should check whether these services will be available to you during your stay. Please note that check-in times vary from country to country and from some hotels to others and are usually between 12:00 and 16:00.

The photographs and site images reflect the quality of the tourist services we provide. Generally, all these photos were taken during the summer season, which is the peak season (from June to August).jukadi.com ltd does its best to ensure that the images used are representative of the tourism services we offer and to update these images, but we cannot guarantee their accuracy, as the images do not necessarily reflect a particular season and the room booked may be different from the images Due to the different room types there are for example standard rooms, superior rooms, deluxe rooms, etc. While jukadi.com endeavors to provide the rooms mentioned in the booking request, sometimes a room with a double bed may be exchanged for a room with two beds.

Although the companyjukadi.com makes every effort to keep its customers informed of the latest developments prior to the start of their holiday, however, it is not responsible for providing up-to-date information regarding certain construction works that may take place on the hotels, resorts and villas listed on jukadi.com for example, please note that it is allowed By conducting construction work in the coastal resort areas of Egypt from October 31 to May 15, jukadi.com cannot prevent or foresee the completion of any construction or any such works by third parties, but in If any construction work is carried out within the buildings and grounds of the same hotel/resort/villa that you booked with JUKADI.COM without your prior knowledge affecting your enjoyment of your vacation, you should inform us immediately (by sending an email to [email protected] provide you with an alternative hotel in a nearby area or offer you other options will allow us to resolve any issues immediately. Failure to notify us immediately may invalidate any future claim.

User reviews, comments, and content

may pose jukadi.com is a service that allows users of the Website to post their opinions, comments and other materials relating to hotels, travel experiences and other vacations (“User Materials”), provided that the User relinquishes any proprietary rights they may have in the User Materials, and jukadi.com may Limited Liability Use, copy, distribute and make available this material freely in any medium and in any form without the prior permission of the user "Customer". When providing this service, the user "Customer" must expressly agree to send only materials appropriate to this service and to abide by the terms and conditions of the user and any accompanying guidelines as available on the website. The user also agrees to indemnify jukadi. com has limited liability for all damages, losses, costs, and expenses related to claims brought by third parties against the company if they are caused by or in connection with the breach of the terms of use related to this service. The user "client" specifically acknowledges and undertakes the following when using this service:

1) owns or otherwise controls all User Materials posted by him.

2) consider the accuracy of User Submissions as of the date of publication.

3) that the User Materials provided by the “Customer” are without prejudice to any provision of jukadi.com terms of use, guidelines or policies (as applicable from time to time);

4) that he will not post, whether intentionally or negligently, information that is harmful or disrespectful to any person or his business and in particular not to post any comments, information or materials that are not true, malicious, defamatory, offensive or indecent, or any comments or information that may be taken on This bearing reasonably.

5) not act in any way intended to deceive or mislead and not engage in or encourage any fraudulent or illegal activity.

6) Not to publish or distribute any information or materials owned by any third party without the express written consent of such third party.

Since the companyjukadi.com does not change the user’s submitted materials, it will not bear any responsibility in accordance with the provisions of the law for the user materials or their publication, use or distribution, in addition, jukadi.com does not verify the validity of opinions or comments given, endorsed or approved by any User Materials since they represent the personal views of the individuals who submitted them, therefore any decisions made based on the opinions and comments offered by the Service are at your own risk, and jukadi.com reserves the right Refuse to post or delete any User Material (without notice) prior for any reason in its sole discretion, including without limitation if jukadi.com receives a complaint from a third party and/or has reason to believe that there is a breach of the Terms of Use.If you have a complaint about any opinions, comments or materials published on this jukadi.com website, you should raise this complaint in writing (with as much information about the facts as possible) via [email protected] Please note that jukadi.com reserves the right to request further information regarding the nature of this complaint and may request verification of the identity of the user as necessary.

Customer service and complaints handling

Inquiries and requests for information should be sent to e-mail: [email protected]

For complaints, send an e-mail [email protected] where such complaints are received on behalf of the supplier, and to facilitate the consideration of complaints, it is recommended that customers submit their complaint within 28 days of the end of the service reservation on our jukadi.com website.

Generally, complaints will be dealt with if the mentioned issues are reported by sending an email [email protected] during the flight or place of residence (or as soon as reasonably possible), or to the airline if the dispute arises during the outbound or return flight, until measures are taken to resolve the problem and reduce the harm to the customer, however, Exceptions can occur depending on the circumstances.

Complaints about loss, theft or damage to baggage, clothing or personal property that are not under the control of the customer during their stay should be directed to the airline or hotel or you can file a report at the nearest police station in your current place of residence.


If you encounter a problem during your holiday, please inform the relevant supplier with whom you have booked via the Platform (for example, hotel operator, local tour operator, accommodation provider, airport shuttle operator, etc.) and the resort representative immediately, in order to He will seek to fix matters, and in the event that your issue cannot be resolved locally, please follow up within 28 days of your return to your home by writing to our Customer Services Department.jukadi.com, providing your reservation reference number and all relevant information.

Please keep the letter brief and specific; This will help us to quickly identify your issues and provide you with our response promptly. It is strongly recommended that you contact both the Supplier and our representative promptly and complete the report while at the Resort or Accommodation, as your failure to follow this simple procedure may prevent us from examining and resolving your complaint while you are at the Resort and therefore may affect your rights under This contract.

For claims of non-performance of the flight in accordance with the contract, it must be sent within 28 days of the end of the trip as stipulated in the contract, to the [email protected] Claims must be made in writing in the interest of the customer, and the limitation period (the prescribed period during which claims are made) begins on the day the journey should end in accordance with the contract.

general clauses

This agreement is governed by the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt. You hereby agree that the Egyptian courts within the Arab Republic of Egypt shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes arising out of or in connection with the use of this website, and that the use of this website is not authorized in any jurisdiction that does not implement all the provisions of these terms and conditions, including but not limited to this paragraph. For customer service issues, please email the [email protected] For other matters, please direct your correspondence to the following address in London: -

Company mayjukadi.com Limited Liability Assign, transfer, subcontract or delegate the rights, duties, or obligations in this Agreement, but you may not.

You agree that this Agreement or use of this Website shall not create any joint venture, partnership, business opportunity or agency relationship between you and the Company.jukadi.com limited liability The performance of this agreement by jukadi.com limited liability is subject to existing laws and legal process, and nothing in this agreement is a violation of jukadi.com limited liability company's right to comply with the requirements or conditions of law enforcement with respect to your use for this website, information provided to jukadi.com or information collected by jukadi.com in connection with such use, and if any part of this Agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to applicable law including, without limitation, a disclaimer LIABILITY FOR WARRANTY AND LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY SET FORTH ABOVE - The applicable, enforceable provision that best matches the intent of the original provision shall prevail over the invalid or unenforceable provision, and the remaining provisions of the Agreement shall continue to apply. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the customer and jukadi. com has limited liability in connection with this website and all electronic, oral or written submissions and communications made between the two of them, past or present, shall prevail, and the use of a hard copy of this Agreement and any notice given in electronic form is permitted in judicial or administrative proceeding that relies on This Agreement or it relates to the same extent and terms that govern the issuance and preservation of original copies of business documents and records in printed form. The false names of companies, products, people, symbols and/or data mentioned in this Agreement are not intended to represent any real individual, company, product or event.

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