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Supplier Terms and Conditions

an introduction:

while following items and conditions Terms and conditions for the Jukadi.com website and company Which Belonging to your use And your entry for pages Website" Jukadi.com and all Pages And links and tools and properties branching about her. that your use site Jukadi dot com he consents From you On admissions clauses and terms this is Convention which It includes all the details below and he emphasis from you and your final consent for your commitment in response for content this is Convention own company jukadi.com "Jukadi.com "and the reference mechanism while following by "we" and the reference mechanism also "jukadi.com"  while Regard using you for the website (www.jukadi.com)

and the reference mechanism while following " an agreement Use of Suppliers "Contract" When you click on the consent option after reading this contract, it becomes valid and binding, after confirmation and approval from jukadi.com

preamble: Supplier Terms and Conditions (“Agreement/Contract") between company Jukadi.com  for management and tourism marketing, is a limited liability company Officially registered with the Egyptian Investment Authority, Commercial Registration No: 172231 –Tax Card No: 646-111-833 based in aThe the Egyptian Arabic Republic And between:-

Hotels and places to stay, Tour operator tourist and/or tickets and/or organizers of activities and/or rental cars and/or boat/yacht rental( "the supplier").


The supplier: Provide supplier Activities such as places to stay in hotels, hotel apartments, villas or trips sightseeing, leisure activities or other tourist services booking tickets or renting a car or booking a boat/yacht and it is under the name" Services "Provided by the supplier to customers.

Platform: Jukadi.com It is an online marketplace that allows a supplier to upload and provide services to customers, communicate with customers, and enter into contracts directly with customers to sell services activities and places to stay. This Agreement does not constitute a contractual relationship between Supplier and Customer, but between

 company jukadi.com And the supplier only. If the supplier provides services to customers using the jukadi.com platform, then the supplier and the customer concerned will enter into the customer agreement.

jukadi.com acts as an authorized and appointed commercial agent of the supplier and will facilitate transactions between supplier and customers, collecting payments from customers.

make this boot(Platform Terms) are an integral part of the Supplier Terms and Conditions This contract.

3.      qualifying for membership (the supplier)

give membership Website only for whom their age 18 general And website Jukadi.com right cancel an account Which member did not reach the18general with Commitment filtered his calculations Finance immediately Close the account

No right for any Person Utilization Website if canceled his membership From Jukadi.com.

in a case rise Which user Sign up as an institution commercial, then his foundation commercial is bound to all the conditions received in this is Convention.

should upon you Commitment all Recognized Laws with to organize Commerce via the Internet.

No right for any member or Establishment that get up open two accounts for any a reason It was, and to manage Website right freeze the two accounts or cancellation one of them with Commitment filtered all Processes Finance related by arithmetic Before close it.

On users, Individuals, And Institutions and commitment companies by contracts commercial concluded with customers.

No right for any member on website Reservation of services, activities or places of residence in violation of laws Maamoul with Ministries And bodies Institutions Commerce local governmental, and in case proof that Put yourself within huge the responsibility legal without minimum responsible On jukadi .com

4.      Telecommunications e:

You agree On that Complete communication With you via Mail email, or From during broadcast advertisements promote it On Website, And you OK On that all conventions and ads and data and communication other Which provide with electronically get up Denominator similar written, in a meet needs legal.

and will jukadi.com through a period your membership send Messages electronic promotion to introduce you changes or procedures or Activities propaganda New maybe add to me website?

for you right as a user sure Non your wish in a Receive Messages e propaganda, And you can cancellation Receive Like this is Messages, And that by clicking On option Request Non to receive Messages promotional and available in a Down Messages promotional And Ad .

5.      procedures banned during Processes in a Website:

-Nonpayment What upon you From batches payable

-Non your implementation to serve It was completed booked From you as long commit buyer "customer" on terms announced on the platform.

-trying complete deals Outside website to services offered within Activities and Services website or offered for sale On the website without recorded as a process Successful

-Utilization of Telecommunications resulting in operations sale On the website, to accomplish deals sale On Services Other in the form of direct or Non direct From sites Other via Mail electronic or jealousy From means Connection.

-claim not sale the service, in a time Which be seen jukadi.com From destination a look It Done successfully according to agreement the user and provisions website.

-manipulation or attempt manipulation On website method what in a that prices Which Services perhaps website whether alone or with help party else or user else

-dribbling and manipulation in a Structural fees website and process billing, or Fee owned Jukadi.com.

-The performance a job From like breach systems save Secrecy information's and data website, or a statement or use Which data or information's for any Reasons or Business Non related Jukadi.com

-Conversion your account On the website and name the user, to my party else Without informing Management website And her consent On this Action.

-distribution or Advertising on Telecom Non legal or self size big, or series Messages hierarchical.

-distribution Which software Harmful Like viruses, horses Troy, bombs ticking, or Which software Similar or Technologies From she will append Harm on the website, or interests and property users website and bear From proving on him this the work all compensation Finance And morale without minimum responsible On Jukadi.com

6.      rights of course:

all Contents Which Included Website, what in a that and not confined in a text, designs graphic Graphics, logos, icons the buttons, icons, syllables acoustic, loads digital, data assembled and programs, it belongs for her copyright saved As for jukadi.com or to its users "suppliers", For the two this Contents For the delegates Which protected within rights of course saved, and tags commercial and rights and laws Property intellectual and creative.

Contents Combined On Website it belongs exclusive and her copyrights saved for jukadi.com, Which protected within rights of course saved, and tags commercial and rights and laws Property intellectual and creative.

7.      Tags commercial

1.Jukadi.com  and slogans owned, and words and slogans other On Website, she As for Signs commercial registered or Non registered Jukadi.com, Which protected rights and laws Property Tags commercial International and intellectual other.

2. Signs Jukadi.com  commercial may be No Complete use for services Outside market or From she will land From worth and his credibility all Tags commercial other Non owned for jukadi.com which Appear On Website it belongs to their owners.

8.      Damage jukadi.com

1.No bad From Complete Reporting on Verse Problems From Which Type Regards violation for agreement the user this is in a Jukadi.com.

2. if you believed that the rights of your property intellectual may be violated, should you inform Jukadi.com

3. if fix clause number 2 above jukadi.com Without damage in his interests and his rights consequential, to that stop or blocking Access user to me Website And/or cancellation his membership in a Website, or Removal What for him From Contents On Website.

4. like that may be to jukadi.com seek refuge to me steps Technique And/or legal against users Whose Problems or Claims legal From Which Kind, as a violation rights Property intellectual for parties third or deal in ways Nonevent with the agreement the user this is or with our contracts.

5. Prevents Show addresses links for websites else Outside jukadi.com And that she was Belonging to commodity Shown On Website and bear From Show the address damage may result on Login viruses or software Harmful whether to jukadi.com or Which From its users

9.      secrecy

1. Jukadi.com takes Standards(physical and organizational and technology)for protection From Access Person Non authorized to me information Your identity Personal, and save it. with Science that Internet Not Instrument Safe, and confidentiality your information Personal No maybe that be guaranteed100%

2. will Jukadi.com supply information's Connection your cell phone And Mail electronic for The second party completion Deal Even Complete communication What between the two parties If the customer requests it

3.Jukadi.com  Not for him control On verbs Which party third, Like pages Internet, other connected by this Website, or Parties third claim It represents you or represents others. You are to learn and ok that Jukadi.com  may be Uses your information Which I provided him out, with a goal Submit Services for you in a

jukadi.com, and to send Messages marketing for you, and that Contract secrecy in this Website adjust operations Plural and processing and use and conversion for info Your identity Personal. cancellation Access And/or Organic:

without append Harm, his rights other and its means legitimate to recover his rights, maybe to jukadi.com stood up or cancellation your membership And/or your arrival to me Website in a Which time and without Warning and for what a reason, and without Determine, and can cancellation agreement the user this is.

10. No Guarantee

Jukadi.com  Provides Platform and services On What she on him, according to the Available, Without reliance and without guarantee No inwardly no Apparently, what in a that its quality, its safety, and its originality, where that Jukadi.com  No guarantee accuracy and its reliability and its perfection, no guarantee the information and texts and designs and means Connection used From during Website.Jukadi.com  No guarantee Repair Malfunctions no guarantee free Website From Viruses and any Things Other maybe that catch Harm Shockwave. And from nature Connection Online that be the information in it exposed to enter to her and spoil it and cause in a Delay. has exposed Website From when for the last to me Non Uptime Because Repair malfunctions and maintenance and development, You are OK that Jukadi.com  Not obligatory supported Website, and you OK in public On your visit for the site and bear your risks by yourself.

11. Determine responsibilities

according to What he is Permissible in law then Jukadi.com  and his staff and his managers and his agents and branching about him and equipped for him will not be responsible on Which Loss directly or crashes arise on your use for the site. if did not be satisfied on Website or on Which From its contents it's material The solution is And he not your persistence using it, bonus On that you agree that Which Utilization Non authorized for the site and his services, Because your neglect Will cause append Harm jukadi.com, and upon it will have to jukadi.com then seek refuge to me Items and terms agreement the user.

12. Safety

You agree On Provide Safety for jukadi.com and its managers and his staff and his agents and equipped and protect them From Which Damage may be Catch their puppy Claims and losses and malfunctions and costs and expenses, Talk Because your violation of the agreement the user or your breach for any Law or adjustment or infringement On rights Parties third.

13. Relationship and notifications

No Includes Which From Items agreement the user Signal to me Presence partnership pink and between Jukadi.com, And you Not for you Power in a Bind Jukadi.com case From conditions, and that Which Notices would you like to send it for jukadi.com, upon you send it by mail email, On that get up Jukadi.com  Reply On the message. You are to get to know and ok On that Verse Notices send to you From Jukadi.com  Will announce On Website or by Mail electronic Which provided us with it during process Registration, presumably you received it after 72 hours From Send. can that we send you Notice by Email Which you provided us with it presumably is his arrival to you after7days From Sending.

14. Conversion Rights and obligations

You are here give Jukadi.com  right in a Conversion part or all his rights and its benefits and his obligations and its responsibilities, to me Parties Other Working with him, Without the need back to you, And that according to texts agreement the user and Jukadi.com  committed Notify you On such is the conversions if I got as well by publishing On Website, in a when you No Could you Conversion your benefits and your rights and your obligations to tip third Without Taking So written in advance From Jukadi.com, And that according to the conditions and items in this agreement.

15. Jukadi.com platform

website based platform operation jukadi.com and that:

(1) Customers can purchase services and the activities on the platform directly from the supplier, and

(2) agencies may travel to other entities to purchase services from suppliers for their customers. the supplier is Responsible to get On all hardware and contact necessary to reach me platform jukadi.com and maintenance, On his expense own.

16. Supplier management website.

The supplier may manage the offer of services authorized on the platform jukadi.com Using the supplier management website(suppliers control panel).

16.1. Create an account.

The supplier will submit to company jukadi.com All information and legal documents evidencing its ownership, operation, and implementation of services, activities, and places of residence that he asks for jukadi.com To create a supplier account. This includes (1)Tax card(2) Commercial registration(3) Profession license(4) details bank related to the account payments Of supplier, and (5) information and documents other on request jukadi.com reasonably. and acknowledge the supplier can update this information via the supplier management website in its control panel whenever required from jukadi.com.

16.2. Login credentials.

The Supplier is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of the Login Credentials and may not disclose the Login Credentials to any third party. The supplier is responsible for all activities or services or accommodations made in connection with his supplier account on the podium. Supplier shall notify jukadi.com immediately if Supplier knows or has reason to suspect that (1) its login credentials have been lost, stolen, embezzled, or otherwise compromised or (2) there has been actual or suspected use Not authorized for his supplier account.

17. Selling services on the Gocaddy.com platform

17.1. product offerings.

For each service that the supplier wishes to sell via the jukadi.com platform, the supplier will upload a product offer using the supplier management website(supplier Dashboard). The product offer must include all necessary information about the services who want to sell it on the platform?, including (1)the information convenience(For example, the minimum age, The number of people skills or permits required) ID card or passport), or fitness level or health condition, or underlying risks (including risks to persons with pre-existing medical conditions), (2) logistical information (eg, meeting point, meeting time, duration, required or recommended clothing and equipment), and (3) Other information requested by jukadi.com. If any logistics information is omitted from the offer product or coupon, the supplier must provide this information to the customer as soon as possible.

17.2. Availability.

The supplier must maintain the product display on the podium, including availability, up-to-date and accurate at all times. Supplier shall immediately delete any canceled or invalid product offerings. Supplier is responsible for any claim from Customer based on alleged or actual inaccuracies in product presentation, including the availability or other Supplier content.

17.3. Prices.

The supplier determines the retail price at which services will be sold to customers through the jukado.com platform. The retail price of the services mentioned in the product offer must include does not include the value-added tax that is imposed on customers and the value-added tax will be included by jukadi.com and collected for juakdi.com It is deducted from the supplier's account. The retail price must include all expenses; The site will notGocad.com collects these amounts separately. The Product Offer shall disclose the existence and amount of any fees, taxes, dues, commissions, or other amounts that will be charged on the day the Services are rendered. Supplier shall not collect (or attempt to collect) from Customer any fees, taxes, dues, commissions, or other amounts not disclosed in the product offering. Jukadi.com will display the Retail Price in the Supplier Currency and may, at its sole discretion, display the Retail Price in any other currency.

17.4. Conclusion of the contract.

When the customer purchases the services via the jukadi.com platform, the customer purchases the services directly from the supplier in accordance with the supplier and customer contract. The Supplier authorizes jukadi.com to manage and cancel reservations, and to refund full or partial refunds to customers, as provided in this Agreement.


17.5. Payment collection

uses the website jukadi.com is a payment service provider for processing payments from customers. jukadi.com will bear the credit card fees and bank charges for receiving payments from customers provided that jukadi.com charges customers for foreign currency exchange if applicable. Payment will be charged in the currency shown in the product offer.

17.6. Changes.

Customers sometimes make mistakes when making reservations. Subject to availability, major platform jukadi.com delete a For reservations up to two hours after the customer has booked the service. These changes will be made at no cost to the customer or for the platform jukadi.com

17.7. Chargebacks and Disputes.

In the event of a chargeback or other failure to pay prior to the provision of the service by the Supplier, we will jukadi.com Inform the supplier and cancel the reservation. If a chargeback occurs after the supplier has provided the service, it will be requested jukadi.com The supplier will provide a response within three business days. jukadi.com will send the supplier's response to the credit card issuer. In the event of a chargeback or any other failed payment, (1) jukadi.com of any payment to the Supplier for the affected Booking, (2) will not receive jukadi.com any commission on the affected reservation, and (3)platform jukadi.com You may reimburse any amount already paid to Supplier for the affected Booking against any future payments under this Agreement. platform jukadi.com is not a party to the supplier-customer contract and does not act as a guarantor of payment by customers,

17.8. Cancellations.

The Supplier will not directly accept the cancellation of reservations from customers; All cancellations must be made Reservation customers through the platform jukadi.com Or jukadi.com customer service

(a) During the free cancellation period.

If the customer cancels a reservation during the free cancellation period within 24 hours of booking, he will jukadi.com Giving the customer the full amount.

(b) After the free cancellation period.

If the customer cancels a reservation after the free cancellation period has expired, and there are no circumstances Compelling The reservation will be treated as a completed reservation for payment purposes. If there are circumstances Compelling, may give a site jukadi.com full refund customer However, the customer will bear the bank transfer fees

(c) Force majeure cases.

In the event that the supplier cancels the services due to a force majeure event, the supplier must notify the jukadi.com customer service department Immediately. The customer may cancel the reservation in the event of a force majeure event at the travel destination or during his stay, regardless of whether the supplier continues to provide services during the affected time period. If the supplier or customer cancels a reservation in connection with the case of force majeure, jukadi.com will return Payments Of fully client.

17.9. Providing services.

The supplier will provide services in accordance with the product offering, in good faith, and in compliance with industry best practices and standards tourism, hospitality, excursions and activities and services, and all applicable laws. the supplier may subcontract the performance of the services and activities on the platform jukadi.com).

17.10. Not providing services.

If the Supplier cancels a reservation or otherwise fails to provide the Services to the Customer as required by the reservation, (1) it will grant jukadi.com The customer will receive a full refund, (2) the supplier will not receive any payment for the reservation, and (3) the site. will not receive any payment jukadi.com No commission on the booking. The Supplier acknowledges that its cancellation or failure to provide the Services is detrimental to good faith jukadi.com And I heard it, leads to incurred jukadi.com Additional customer service expenses. Accordingly, if the site jukadi.com If the cancellation or failure to provide the services was not justified (eg as a result of a force majeure event), the jukadi.com website may Fee deduction cancellation(as liquidated damages), equal to twenty-five percent (25%) of the retail price of the Services for each affected customer, of any future payment due to the supplier below. The parties acknowledge and agree that it would be impractical to estimate the amount of any damages that may arise from the cancellation of the Supplier or any other failure to provide the Services, and agree that the amount of liquidated damages described above is a reasonable estimate of the actual damages that the website will suffer jukadi.com and incurs as a result of such cancellation or failure to provide services. jukadi.com may, in its sole discretion, elect not to charge this amount, or charge a lower amount, if the Supplier provides an alternative but equivalent service on the same date to affected customers. For the avoidance of doubt, a cancellation resulting from the Supplier's failure to provide accurate availability information on the jukadi.com platform constitutes a failure to provide the Services for the purposes of this section.

18.   Commission and payments.

18.1. commissionGokady.com.

commission jukadi.com A percentage of the retail price of the reservation specified in the supplier's account. The supplier agrees to keep the commission amount confidential.

18.2.Payment to the supplier.

In the resource option, it will jukadi.com Make payments to the supplier once per month via his bank account listed or PayPal account listed in the payment information in the supplier control panel on the platform jukadi.com.

(a) Payment is once a month.

This section applies if the supplier chooses to be paid once a month. By the 5th business day of each month, jukadi.com will transfer an amount to the Supplier Payment Account equal to (1) the total amount collected from customers for completed bookings that occurred in the previous month, minus (2) the applicable commission.

18.3.transfer fee; discounts.

jukadi.com pays Transaction fees charged by an institution jukadi.com Finance to transfer the amounts to the supplier's payment accounts. Any fees charged by the supplier's financial institution to receive payments from jukadi.com may be deducted by the supplier jukadi.com from any payments to the supplier the costs of refunds to customers, replacement services provided to customers, or other amounts requested by the supplier in payment or compensation jukadi.com under this Agreement.


supplier is Administrator It is solely responsible for determining its obligations to report, collect, remit, or include any sales, value-added, or other taxes in product offerings. If the supplier ordered from jukadi.com To collect sales tax or similar taxes on behalf of the Supplier, the Supplier will notify Jukadi.com of the applicable price(s) and the two parties will cooperate to establish a method for such collection. If at any time jukadi.com determines that it is required to collect or deduct sales taxes or other taxes relating to services, either on its own behalf or on behalf of the Supplier, it will notify the Supplier and collect or deduct such sales or other taxes. In order to reduce exposure to taxes, Jukadi.com will introduce Documents for suppliers including certificate value-added tax.

18.5.statement - statement.

will present jukadi.com The Supplier shall have a statement (“Statement”), once per Payment Period, stating (1) the total number of bookings completed during the Payment Period, (2) the total amount collected from customers for completed bookings, and (3) the total amount transferred to the Supplier Payment Account for those completed bookings and (4) the amount of sales or other taxes collected and remitted on behalf of the supplier (if any). The statement is the basis for payment by jukadi.com unless the supplier provides written notice to jukadi.com In a good faith dispute with respect to the statement within thirty (30) days of its receipt, including reasonable details to support such dispute, such statement shall be deemed admissible. After this period, adjustments for discrepancies will be made at the discretion of jukadi.com loneliness. Without prejudice to the foregoing.

18.6.Payment is due.

Notwithstanding anything else to the contrary in this Agreement, jukadi.com Defer and accrue payments to Supplier under this Agreement until the total amount payable is not less than $50 USD (or equivalent currency). will jukadi.com By transferring any outstanding and unpaid amount to the Supplier upon the termination of this Agreement.

19. CRM.

19.1.Customer contacts.

The Supplier shall not directly or indirectly (1) encourage the Customer to book a service outside the jukadi.com platform (2) refer the Customer to any other website or platform, including the Supplier’s website or platform, or (3) take any Another service is the procedure to circumvent the Gocaddy.com platform or pay the commission. If a potential customer asks, who they started Connect through the platform jukadi.com, book a service outside the jukadi.com platform, the supplier will refer them to the jukadi.com platform

19.2.Communication tools.

The Supplier shall handle all customer inquiries received through the jukadi.com platform exclusively using communication tools. The Supplier shall not provide or suggest alternative methods of communication (1) in any of the Content of the Supplier, (2) in any forum available via the jukadi.com platform, or (3) via the communication tools. The supplier shall check its messages via communication tools at least once per day and shall respond to customer inquiries within the following timelines:

• Customer contacts with the supplier more than 7 days before the start of the activity: The supplier is expected to respond to the customer within 48 hours.

• Customer contacts with the supplier 2-7 days before the start of the activity: The supplier is expected to respond to the customer within 24 hours.

• Customer Contacts Resource 0-1 Day Before Activity Starts: The resource is expected to respond to the customer before the activity starts.

The vendor may not use the communication tools available on the. Platform jukadi.com to (1) distribute unsolicited commercial messages or promotions; (2) contact the Customer for any purpose unrelated to the Service, including to recruit or induce the Customer to join third-party services, applications, or websites; (3) make or accept a reservation that circumvents the payment of a commission; (4) request or accept payment for services that do not use the jukadi.com platform; (5) Transmission of Prohibited Content. The vendor acknowledges that messages sent using communications tools can be monitored for quality control purposes and stored by jukadi.com, and that Vendor does not expect privacy with respect to such messages. jukadi.com may delete any message that violates this Agreement.

19.3.service levels.

The Supplier agrees that the prices, availability, facilities, and limitations of the services provided through the jukadi.com platform will be equal to or better than those available through the Supplier's own channels. Or any other channels and websites. Customers who book a service through the jukadi.com platform will be treated at least the same as customers who book through the supplier's own channels.

19.4. Coupons.

The Supplier shall accept customer coupons generated by jukadi.com, including coupons printed on paper and coupons displayed on smart phones or other mobile devices. When ordering, the supplier must provide a receipt for services to each customer. The receipt must comply with all applicable tax requirements.

19.5.behavior of individuals.

The supplier is solely responsible for the conduct of its employees in relation to customers or other persons. Supplier shall not, and shall ensure, that its employees do not discriminate against or harass a customer on the basis of race, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age, or sexual orientation.

19.6.complaints customers

The Supplier will deal with and respond to customer complaints regarding services, complaints about Supplier's personnel, and requests for refunds. In the event that the supplier fails to respond to the customer’s complaint within three working days, Jukadi.com will give the customer a full refund. In addition, the site may jukadi.com at its discretion own (1) provide customer support services to the customer, or (2) act as an intermediary between the supplier and the customer, or (3) in the event of a material breach, complaint or non-conformity with the product offering, (4) give the customer a full or partial refund and/or (5) provide replacement services to the customer (of an equal or better level of services) and deduct the cost of such replacement services from a future payment to the supplier. If I give a website jukadi.com For the customer a full or partial refund,


After the reservation is completed, the customer will have the opportunity to review the services on the platform jukadi.com Using the review system jukadi.com The objective of the review system is to collect meaningful and accurate feedback regarding services and suppliers in areas such as performance, reliability, and trustworthiness. Comments can be viewed by any user of the Jukadi.com platform. All review content is the exclusive property of the platform .Jukadi.com Supplier may not use or distribute any Reviews from the Jukadi.com platform Without the prior written consent of Jukadi.com, customer reviews have not been verified by Jukadi.com for accuracy. The Supplier is prohibited from tampering with the review system in any way, such as writing a review about the Services or instructing a third party to do so.

20.   marketing.


will website jukadi.com promoting services activities and places to stay and marketing it at its sole discretion, and will bear the cost of its own promotion and marketing efforts. In order to promote the services activities and places to stay, may use the website jukadi.com Supplier content and supplier tags in online marketing, including email marketing and pay-per-click advertising. jukadi.com will determine, in its sole discretion, whether and how to promote the Services and product offerings on the jukadi.com platform or elsewhere, including position and rank in search results. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these Terms, the website may jukadi.com Provide service at a price less than the retail price stipulated in the product offer, provided that (1) the offer is limited to members of the closed user group and (2) the full amount of the discount is deducted from the commission normally paid by the supplier.

20.2.Supplier obligations.

The supplier must provide services in the name of the company and the brand generally used. The Display of the Product or other Supplier Content shall not state or convey the impression, directly or indirectly, that (1) jukadi.com provides the Services, (2) jukadi.com has tested the quality of the Services, or (3) jukadi.com otherwise endorses the Supplier or the Services.

20.3.Supplier contacts.

Supplier may not directly or indirectly (eg through an affiliate or agent) engage in any marketing, promotional or similar communications with any customer without the prior consent of that customer. Without limiting the foregoing, Supplier shall not include any marketing or promotional content in any confirmation or other communication sent to Customers. The vendor acknowledges that transmission of communications in violation of this section constitutes a material breach of this contract as well as a violation of the GDPR

21.   Compliance.

All services must be provided in accordance with all applicable laws, including (1) fire and safety laws, (2) the latest national regulations and health protection disease control procedures, (3) consumer protection laws, (4) information and advisory laws, and (5) licensing laws. and (6) other laws relating to the Services or Suppliers' business. Upon request, the supplier will provide copies of registrations, licenses, permits, approvals, and permits. In the event of alleged non-compliance with the Services, the Supplier shall immediately cooperate, at its own expense, with any investigation by the authorities or administrative associations.

22. Intellectual property.

22.1.resource content

The supplier is given a website jukadi.com A non-exclusive, sublicensable license (through one or more tiers), worldwide, fully-paid, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, adapt, translate, create derivative works from, modify, perform and publicly display, perform, transmit and publicly distribute the Resource Content (1) via the jukadi.com Platform, (2) at (Distribution Partners) online and offline marketing materials, and (3) as otherwise provided in this Agreement, further the Parties' common objective of marketing the Services or otherwise agreed to by the Parties. supplier isAdministratorIt is solely about Resource Content, and may only provide Resource Content that it owns or has the right to submit to jukadi.com under the terms of this Agreement. Vendor may not submit Vendor Content that includes or refers to Prohibited Content..jukadi.com may remove Any resource content is, at the discretion of jukadi.com bona fide, violates this Agreement or applicable law. Alternately, you may ask jukadi.com Supplier will correct any non-conforming Supplier Content within two days of notice. To assist consumers who speak different languages, Jukadi.com may translate the resource's content, in whole or in part, into other languages. jukadi.com does not guarantee the accuracy or quality of these translations. If the supplier becomes aware of the inaccuracy of a translated version of the product offering or other supplier content, the supplier must inform the website jukadi.com Immediately.

22.2.Supplier tags.

The supplier is given a website jukadi.com and its distribution partners a non-exclusive, sublicensable (through one or more tiers), worldwide, paid, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, display, transmit and distribute Supplier Marks to Market Services (1) via the jukadi.com platform, (2) in (Distribution Partners) online and offline marketing materials, and (3) as provided in this Agreement, furthering the Parties' common objective to market the Services or agreed upon by the parties. must be used jukadi.com The Supplier Marks are for the benefit of the Supplier only and will not create any right, title, or interest in jukadi.com on Supplier Marks other than the license granted under this Agreement.

22.3.Reservation of rights.

Supplier Content, Supplier Marks, and all worldwide intellectual property rights are the exclusive property of Supplier (and its suppliers). All rights in and to Vendor Content and Vendor Marks not expressly granted to Jukadi.com in this Agreement are reserved by Vendor (and its suppliers).

22.4.goucaddy.com materials

content jukadi.com and platform jukadi.com Content modifications and all intellectual property rights worldwide are the exclusive property of Jukadi.com (and its suppliers). Supplier shall not use, copy, store, reproduce, adapt, translate, modify, distribute, publicly display, perform, transmit or exploit any Content from jukadi.com Or any brand or logo for platform jukadi.com during or after the term of this Agreement, without the prior written consent of jukadi.com So as not to be legally liable to you


Supplier agrees (1) not to directly or indirectly use any robot, spider, crawler, scraper, or other automated means or processing to access or collect data or other content from or interact with the Platform jukadi.com for any purpose; (2) avoid, bypass, remove, deactivate, degrade, decipher or attempt to circumvent any technological measure implemented to protect the jukadi.com Platform; (3) try to decipher or reverse engineer any of the software used to provide the jukadi.com Platform; or (4) take any action that would damage or adversely affect, or could damage or adversely affect, the proper functioning or functioning of the jukadi.com Platform

23.   Assurances and warranties.

23.1. As per supplier.

Vendor represents and warrants that it is (1) the owner of Resource Content, or has the right to submit Resource Content to jukadi.com Under this Agreement; (2) the resource's content does not violate any applicable law, intellectual property rights, or privacy rights of any third party; (3) all information relating to any product offering is and will remain true, accurate and non-misleading; (4) All services must be provided in accordance with applicable law and industry-standard security standards; (5) Vendor owns and will maintain during the term of this Agreement (and thereafter until all reservations are satisfied) all registrations, licenses, permits, consents and authorizations required by applicable law in connection with Vendor's business and provision of the Services;

23.2. Evacuation responsibility.

the platform is provided jukadi.com and jukadi.com content" "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. jukadi.com does not warrant (1) that the jukadi.com platform will meet all the requirements of the suppliers or that the performance of the jukadi.com platform will be uninterrupted, virus-free or secure or error-free, or (ii) the jukadi.com content will be complete, accurate, and free from technical defects or changes by unauthorized third parties. Responsible for the accuracy or completeness of customer data. not guarantee jukadi.com That the supplier will sell the minimum number of services through the jukadi.com platform maintains the website jukadi.com The right to change, supplement or remove the contents of the jukadi.com platform, as well as its structure and function, at any time without notice in its sole discretion.

24. compensation.

24.1. compensation by the supplier.

Supplier Content or Supplier Marks, including any claim that use of Supplier Content or Supplier Marks by jukadi.com as permitted under this Agreement infringes the rights of any third party, or any failure to collect or erroneously collect sales or other taxes. Supplier shall bear the defense of this claim at its own expense, once such claim is submitted, using an attorney reasonably satisfactory to jukadi.com, and will pay all costs associated with the defense, including attorneys' fees. Supplier shall have full control of this defense, including any discussions or settlement agreement.

 25. insurance.

During the term of this Agreement (and thereafter until all reservations are fulfilled), Supplier shall maintain comprehensive general liability insurance covering risks related to Supplier's business and services supplier acknowledges and agrees to disclaim all liability for jukadi.com Against damages during the execution of reservations in case of injury or death of one of the customers as a result of an unintended mistake, and that he is the first and last responsible for the safety of customers against the damages and risks that may occur. And jukadi.com is not legally obligated to compensate the customer and the full responsibility lies with the supplier

26. Legal responsibility.

jukadi.com not shall be solely liable for any damage caused to the supplier due to willful breach, gross negligence of duty, willful tortuous act, or gross negligence. For any damage caused to the supplier due to simple negligence, the site shall be

jukadi.com not responsible for (1) damages resulting from injury to life, body, or health and (2) damages resulting from a breach of a material obligation under the Agreement. In the event of a breach of a material obligation due to simple negligence, the liability of Jukadi.com shall be limited to the foreseeable damages typical of the type of contract. Website jukadi.com is irresponsible regardless of the fault. In particular, Jukadi.com will not be responsible for damages caused due to interruptions or restrictions on the operation of the Platform jukadi.com Due to necessary maintenance work, force majeure, or other events for which jukadi.com is not responsible. Jukadi.com will be responsible for data loss only to the amount of typical recovery costs that would have arisen if proper and regular data backup measures were taken. will not be a website jukadi.com In no event shall the Supplier be liable for any acts or omissions of any third-party distribution partner. The sole and exclusive remedy for Supplier with respect to the acts or omissions of any Third Party Distribution Partner is to terminate this Agreement in accordance with Clause

27. Data protection.

27.1. Data protection.

With respect to the personal data of the customer, both jukadi.com and resource separately as data monitors. The Supplier shall comply with all data protection laws including GDPR when processing (including accessing, collecting, storing, transferring, and transferring personal customer data). The Supplier shall maintain adequate security procedures and controls to prevent unintentional disclosure, unauthorized access to, or appropriation of any Customer Personal Data. At the request of jukadi.com, the Supplier will provide evidence that the Supplier has established and maintains technical and organizational security measures that govern the processing of Customer Personal Data in accordance with this section.

27.2.Payment processing.

The Supplier authorizes the Payment Service Provider, and any third party authorized by jukadi.com, to process the data required to transfer funds to and from the Suppliers' accounts, or as required to operate the jukadi.com platform.

27.3. Development.

jukadi.com may transfer supplier-related data to distribution partners and third parties as necessary to further develop the jukadi.com platform (including its interfaces for third-party products and services) and to promote the Services. For example, the website jukadi.com transfers the necessary data to (1) promote the Services via a third-party web mapping service, a listing service, a search engine service, or a digital assistant, or (2) develop and implement related interfaces between jukadi.com and such products and services.

28.   Duration and termination.

28.1. condition.

This Agreement shall remain in effect until terminated in accordance with its terms. Neither party will be liable to the other for any damages resulting solely from the termination as permitted in this Agreement.

 28.2.Termination of contract.

Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time in order to conveniences of 30 days' notice. Termination can be done automatically using the appropriate function in the resource account. The remaining confirmed reservations must be carried out as planned or otherwise dealt with in accordance with Section

In the event of termination by jukadi.com, he will explain to jukadi.com The supplier has the reason for termination.

28.3.Reason for termination and termination of contract.

Either party may terminate this Agreement by written notice or via email to the other party if the other party breaches or is in default of any obligation under this Agreement for which the breach or default is unable or remediable and has not been cured within fifteen (15) days after notice of such breach or default (or period of remedy) additional as may be authorized by the non-failing party in writing).

28.4. wayshalvesother.

In addition to the way shelves Mentioned above, if the website thinks jukadi.com reasonably that Supplier has breached this Agreement or other Customers or Suppliers are at risk arising from Supplier's actions, jukadi.com may take one or more of the following actions: (1) issue a warning to Supplier; (2) remove product offerings or other supplier content from the jukadi.com platform; (3) Restrict the resource's use of the platform jukadi.com Temporarily ; (4) cancel some or all reservations and give affected customers a full refund, regardless of normal cancellation policies; and (5) to stop accepting reservations. In addition, if the site decided jukadi.com If the Services are associated with a large number of chargeback's or fraudulent transactions, jukadi.com may remove the associated product offerings temporarily.

28.5. Termination effect.

At jukadi.com 's option, it may cancel some or all reservations to be made after the date of termination of this Agreement. For any canceled reservation, affected customers will be offered a full refund or alternative services. Any reservation that is not canceled will be executed as scheduled. jukadi.com will By removing all supplier content and supplier tags from the platform jukadi.com

29. Rulesgenerale

29.1. A non-exclusive relationship.

Relationship between supplier and jukadi.com Not exclusive. The Supplier may sell the Services through other marketplaces (including jukadi.com competitors), and jukadi.com may promote and provide services substantially similar to or in competition with the Services.

29.2. The law that governs.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the provisions of lawEgyptianWith the exclusion of its contradiction with the rules of law. It shall be the place of performance and the exclusive legal venue for any disputes arising out of or in connection with the services provided in Egypt provided that the supplier is a businessman or a legal person under common law

29.3. adjustment.

May website jukadi.com Submit proposed modifications to this Agreement to the Supplier in writing at least 4 weeks prior to the effective date of the proposed modification. If the Supplier agrees to receive communications electronically, proposed modifications may be delivered electronically. The supplier may reject a proposed modification by sending a rejection notice to jukadi.com before the effective date of the proposed amendment. If the Supplier does not send a notice of refusal to jukadi.com before the effective date of the proposed amendment, the Supplier shall be deemed to have accepted the proposed amendment. Except as provided in this Section, all modifications to this Agreement must (1) be in writing, (2) refer to this Agreement, and (3) be executed by an authorized representative of each party.

29.4. a task.

Neither party may assign any of its rights or obligations under this Agreement, whether by law or otherwise, without the other party's prior written consent (it may not be withheld, conditioned, or unreasonably delayed). Notwithstanding the foregoing, either party may assign this Agreement in its entirety, without the consent of the other, or (1) to a subsidiary of that party, or (2) in connection with a merger, acquisition, reorganization of, or sale of all or substantially all of its assets that do not involve a direct competitor to the other party. Any attempt by any party to waive its rights or obligations under this Agreement in breach of this Section is void and has no effect. Subject to the foregoing, this Agreement will be binding and will apply to the benefit of the Parties, their successors, and permitted assigns.

29.5. notices.

Any notice under this Agreement will be in text form. may sendgokkady.com The supplier notices using E-mail. Supplier shall send any legal notice in connection with this Agreement via suppliers official email [email protected]

29.6. Force majeure.

If either party is prevented from performing any of its duties or obligations under this Agreement in a timely manner by reason of a force majeure event, the affected party will, upon prompt notice to the other party, be exempted from such performance (i) to the extent that the affected party is prevented from performing These duties or obligations, (2) for the duration of the disturbance caused by a force majeure situation. If the force majeure event detrimentally affects the performance of one of the parties for a period of fourteen days or more, the other party may terminate this Agreement.

 29.7. Translation.

In this Agreement, (1) “including” means “including without limitation,” and (2) general words shall not be given a restricted meaning due to the fact that they are preceded by words denoting a particular class of verbs, things, or things. The captions and section titles used in this Agreement are for convenience only and are not part of, and may not be used in, this Agreement. If any provision herein is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions will continue in full force without weakening or invalidating them in any way.

29.8 Confidential.

Each party agrees that it will not use or disclose to any third party any confidential information disclosed to it by the other party except (1) as permitted by this Agreement, or (2) as required by a court or other governmental authority. Each party will take all reasonable measures to maintain the confidentiality of all confidential information of the other party in its possession or control, which in no way will be less than the measures it uses to maintain the confidentiality of its own information of similar importance.

29.9. diverse.

The parties are independent contractors, and no agency, partnership, franchise, joint venture, or employment relationship is intended or established under this Agreement. in case of consideration jukadi.com As an agent of Supplier, jukadi.com and any sub-agents hereby waive, and Supplier waives, any duty arising out of the creation of an agency relationship (including any duty of loyalty or sponsorship), to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. Except as expressly provided herein, all remedies set forth in this Agreement are cumulative, in addition to and not in place of any other remedies available to either party by the law, equity, or otherwise. This Agreement sets forth the entire understanding and agreement between the parties and supersedes any and all oral or written agreements or understandings between the parties, with respect to the subject matter of this contract "Convention".


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-if Done Translation agreement the user for any language Other Non-English, whether On Website or in ways other, then Text English she has remained prevalent.

The parties are independent contractors, and no agency, partnership, franchise, joint venture, or employment relationship is intended or established under this Agreement. in case of considerationjukadi.com is an agent of Supplier, jukadi.com and any sub-agents who and Supplier waive any duty arising out of the creation of an agency relationship (including any duty of loyalty or sponsorship), to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law. Except as expressly provided herein, all remedies set forth in this Agreement are cumulative, in addition to and not in place of any other remedies available to either party by law, equity or otherwise. This Agreement sets forth the entire understanding and agreement between the parties, and supersedes any and all oral or written agreements or understandings between the parties, with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement.

This “Agreement/Contract” may be entered into online or by making separate conformance or PDF version (pdf) or send it-mail, all copies (ie copies) are original, legal and binding. The “Agreement/Contract” shall be valid and enter into force only upon confirmation ofJukadi.com shall accept the “Supplier” after fulfilling all legal documents indicating it and validity To provide and display services and activities on the platform, for example: owning a real estate or commercial activity (commercial register + tax card + license to practice the profession) or any other reasonable documents you requestjukadi.com To confirm and agree to the supplier entity by registering and subscribing to the Jukadi.com Partner Program as an authorized partner by jukadi.com, the Supplier agrees, acknowledges and accepts all terms and conditions of this Agreement. This Agreement/Contract does not need any seal of any kind to be legal, binding, and enforceable for certain Services.

has the right jukadi.com for some suppliers the work of "contract/agreement" written signed and signed by both parties company It contains the details, terms, and conditions of the service or activity that the supplier desire presenting it On Platform It is complimentary for this Convention.

In all cases, it will be sentjukadi.com after retrieval of the above legal documents of the supplier entity, the verification code “certificate” on the (supplier) activity address or by e-mail to insert it in supplier account, to badge (verified account)To start offering and accepting reservations from customers immediately, and this is a prerequisite to start accepting reservations from customers in accordance with the terms of this contract.

As a supplier on our site, you agree to our privacy policy our own and terms and Conditions Our platform for customers that we offer to everyone who uses our services

30. undertake and announce guarantee you:

1-reached 18 general or more

2-that You have Authority obligatory company" if I was represented company/institution"

3-you, are the owner's beneficiaries the only and exclusive legally for all Offered Services From Which Type Which wish show it On Website, and that You have What prove that for you right and power in an Accept reservation and receive payments?

4-you Will commit all laws local and international Applicable Law within this matter, and so judgments Applicable Law within an affair Utilization Website.

5-that the information describe Offers and services Which you will post On Website for the purpose of sale correct and minute and detailed and photographed.

6-that Working within Policy Website own in the province On Privacy information Connection And communication, so reveal on details information And two addresses Connection your what is a that numbers phones, Addresses postal, Addresses e, in a Which Place in a Website what in a that

models And forum And details the service or From during Which features for mail electronic for the site.

7-you will not use our information Which Obtains on her From during Telecommunications necessary to accomplish Which Deal On Website with a goal completion operations sale Additional Outside Website or From during Website else.

8-you will not be gathering information on users others what that their addresses e and means Connection other.

9-Will will not reveal or publish Which information a personality on users or use in a way(in we looked)may be violating their secret and their privacy and the laws Maamoul with.

31. legally

This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the provisions of Egyptian law (the Arab Republic of Egypt) excluding its conflict of law provisions. The place of performance and the exclusive legal place for any dispute arising out of or in connection with the services provided in Egypt shall be, provided that the supplier is a businessman or a legal person under the law. This contract shall enter into force after signing it by both parties, whether it is electronic signature through (verification code) or physical signature on the contract or pressing the approval button after the final confirmation by jukadi.com

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