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Get to know 'My Wallet'

The "My Wallet" service is one of the payment services provided by the electronic platforms of jukadi.com, as it provides the user with the opportunity to control the balance of the wallet with ease and speed. It is a fast and convenient way to manage the amounts in your account by adding and redeeming the amounts in the balance. Using "My Wallet" credit saves you time while booking.


My wallet features

Wallet  Service Terms and Conditions

  1. You will be automatically registered in the “My Wallet” service once you register on the jukadi.com platform and create an account.
  2. Any refunds can be redirected to “My Wallet” if you so request.
  3. Your wallet balance is never redeemable from your account and is not transferrable to cash.
  4.  In the event of canceling a refundable reservation made through the “My Wallet” service, the remaining amount will be returned to the “My Wallet” balance after deducting the cancellation fees, and the remaining amount will be returned to your account in “My Wallet” and is not transferable to cash in this case as well.
  5. Any balance that you get in “My Wallet” that comes from “one of the jukadi.com offers” or through your credit card is not transferable to cash and cannot be transferred to someone else’s account.
  6. The available balance in “My Wallet” can only be used to purchase jukadi.com services on the jukadi.com website and application.
  7.  The available balance in “My Wallet” can only be used to purchase the following jukadi.com services: “Hotels, Tours, Property Rental, Car Reservation, Boat/Yacht Rental, Party/Festival Ticket Reservation,”
  8. In the event of a request to amend a reservation made using the “My Wallet” service, the amendment fine will be deducted from the amount of the paid reservation, and if the value does not cover the value of the modification, the “My Wallet” balance will be deducted or payment is made through one of the payment options available to complete the reservation modification procedures.
  9. The "My Wallet" balance appears according to the selected currency.
  10. In the event that any of the transactions is suspected to be fraudulent or upon receipt of any complaints from banks, payment gateways, or regulatory authorities, jukadi.com is allowed to block your account and any funds contained in it until the investigation is completed and necessary actions are taken afterward.
  11. These terms are subject to modification, change, or cancellation by jukadi.com at any time without prior notice.



Questions & Answers

  What is the 'My Wallet' service?

The 'My Wallet' service is one of jukadi.com's payment services, as it provides you with the ability to add credit to your account quickly and easily. The balance can be used to book hotels, tourist packages.

  Why use the 'My Wallet' service?

Subscribing to the service is free.

You do not have to use a credit card when booking.

You do not have to wait for the refund of the paid amounts, as you can add them immediately to your account balance and use them later. The service eliminates the use of bank transactions and avoids transaction errors.

  How do I use my jukadi.com credit?

You will find your wallet balance among the payment options available when completing the booking process at jukadi.com.

  There is not enough balance in my account to make a new reservation, what can I do?

You can pay the reservation amount partially with your balance, and supplement the balance through other payment methods on jukadi.com.

  Is there an expiration date for my wallet balance?

No, the amount of cash in your wallet is permanent for life, except for the amounts from jukadi.com offers and vouchers, they are subject to the terms and conditions of these offers and vouchers.

  How can I inquire about my account balance?

Log in to your jukadi.com account, then choose my account and the current balance will be displayed in addition to the ability to view the reservations made in your account.

  Can I cancel my wallet account?

It is not possible to cancel your wallet account, but you can not use it if you do not want to.


  Is it safe to use my account?

Yes, jukadi.com follows the highest standards of security and protection; To provide you with the safe use of all its services.