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Our mission

Presents Jukadi.com places to stay and Private and Public Tours for travelers through your handpicked network of local suppliers, each eager to share their knowledge and experience.

Travelers Whose serve them in a The performance with things Unique, and experience reality Place and see his culture From Through eyes Person Sweetened. that they "Curious to me Limit What", conscious socially And they appreciate Vision their spending for travel Benefit in the form of Live people Whose they live in a Societies Which visit her.

our guides they entrepreneur Business, people excited proud in place Which they live in it From through them, we are able On Submitting Collection miscellaneous From Tours, activities, and accommodations, what in a that Trips "Outside path" Which reflect the culture local and group miscellaneous From interests travelers. we committed with help the supplier To be participating successfully in industry tourism local and global. to do so, we looking actively at Supplier's new ones and rehabilitate them, and train them On the work With our system and principles our business, and work With them To develop packages Unique travel.

we "register merchant" for every Excursion, activity, and accommodation Complete sell it On our platform and we deal With Our contracted suppliers in Marketing and booking and processing paying off and service customers and payments.

Offers jukadi.com. Several excursions, activities, and accommodations can be purchased, however, each can be customized to suit the traveler's specific needs. We showcase the character and skill of each guide while providing consistent elements between offerings. prepayment and other standard policies. Our dedicated team works hard and sincerely 24/7 to help if problems arise.


our mission she to provide Tours, activities, and places to stay Especially High the quality in all places Travel in it the people. we work all day to achieve This the aim.